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Military Business Area

It is a performance monitor /detection / control system that is required for the system, which detects intrusion from outside and monitors the object that has been detected by automatically tracking it even in dark situation.In order to minimize the blind spots from monitoring areas, the security system gets established to track / monitor a moving object and identify it even in the nighttime.

Major Performances

  • Construction of communication network for the military officer restaurant in Korean Army 00 military base
  • Establishment of fingerprint recognition access system for 00 Marine Corps base
  • Mechanical works for Sinyoung barracks in Korean Army 00 military base
  • Purchase and installation of CCTV for 00 military base of Korean Army (in Pocheon area)
  • Establishment of new CCTV system of warehouse in 00 Supply Battalion military base
  • Supply and installation of S/W for Control System in the middle western region for the Scientific GOP guarding system
  • Project for establishing infrastructure for operating Mega Center and video and access security
  • Construction of CCTV during the facility and communication network construction for K-2 tank for 00 military base
  • Supply and installation of S/W for BMT control system in the second phase Scientific GOP guarding system project
  • Production and installation construction of mid-range surveillance camera sets
  • Installation and supply of Military Police System (Guardhouse CCTV)
  • Installation of 4 types of devices such as surveillance cameras for Marine Corps Headquarters
  • Maintenance of Scientific GOP guarding system
  • Maintenance of Scientific GOP guarding system
  • Outer perimeter guarding and monitoring system for 4275 Military Base, Baekryoung-do and 6 others for Ministry of National Defense