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Wireless Image Transmission System

After the wired and wireless networks which are appropriate for the site condition are designed, wireless devices to be applied should be selected.

Especially, discussion between the customer and manufacturer/supplier, technical support, design, production, delivery, installation and site tests should be performed by considering the communication, operation method, performance of the wireless section and efficiency which are required at the site.

  • Upper part of
    the sky crane
  • Attached to the hook
    of the floating crane
  • Attached to the hook
    of the goliath crane
  • Construction vehicles at
    a construction site, in a tunnel or under ground
  • Patrol cars for
    CS operation
  • The adsorptive power is maintained up to 250km/h of the F1 racing car using powerful magnet.
  • NVS500 is attached on the hook of the tower crane, the camera is adjusted downward and it is detached and recharged after the task is completed.
  • It is installed at the rear of tanks at the maneuver training ground (transmission of camera, DVR/NVR images) and handoff function that is required for the operation of mobile objects is supported.
  • Images of portable personal IP camera are transmitted and handoff is supported during tactical training of small military unit.
  • IP camera images on monorail cars are transmitted or Wi-Fi service is supported (handoff).
  • IP camera images on forklifts and heavy machineriesare transmitted or Wi-Fi service is supported (handoff).