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Thermal Imagery Monitoring System

In this era of modern life, important supplying systems related to daily lives of people in cities and industrial areas such as power cables, broadcasting cables, communication network cables, transformers, electrical panels, gas pipes, water pipes and hot water pipes for heating are located under the ground for the purpose of beautiful urban landscape and safety. Therefore, it is difficult to continuously monitor and manage them with eyes, and since power cables which generate high heat pass through, they may be easily exposed to an accident such as a fire.
If the function fails as an accident occurs, a major communication/power/water crisis may occur.
The thermal imagery monitoring system is a system
that can make it possible to handle an emergency situation quickly and accurately by immediately notifying it to the mangers, central monitoring panel and related institutions at the time of the emergency by doing the multi-analysis using images and sensors such as CCTV images, thermal imagery cameras and flame senor in order to prevent such accident in advance.