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[Future Company Focus] Entoss Information and Communication

관리자 2023-12-12 Number of views 212

[Future Company Focus] Entoss Information and Communication



Entoss Information and Communications (CEO Cho Tae-ya), a closed-circuit (CC) TV solution company, will expand its overseas business to Paraguay, Malaysia, and Vietnam this year.


Entoss is a company that develops and sells CCTV devices and management systems. It has a wide range of solutions such as integrated control, intelligent integrated video analysis, crackdown on illegal parking and stopping, child protection, park, U-City crime prevention, intelligent traffic management, and railway video control.


Last year, the company recorded 38 billion won in sales. It exported CCTV systems for police vehicles to Peru and raked in 18 billion won in sales. In Korea, it enters the procurement market and generates stable sales of about 20 billion won per year. In 2015, the company built a CCTV system for children's safety in Guro-gu, improved the performance of CCTVs for parking and stopping, maintained the unmanned control system for illegal parking and stopping in Mapo-gu, Seoul, and implemented projects to maintain CCTVs for illegal parking and green parking in Dongjak-gu.


It will enter Paraguay to expand sales this year. It will develop CCTVs for vehicles and supply them to Paraguay's military units. The system will consist of external and internal surveillance cameras, license plate recognition systems, GPS, a police vehicle with a 4G communication module, and operational software. It can be monitored from a long distance, providing stability and user convenience.


The "Smart N Series" network equipment not only processes CCTVs but also signals such as IP, serial, and analogue, which are widely used in general telecommunications companies, in a single device. It can also control the power.


Entoss Information and Communications Corp. also signed pre-contracts with Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam in the first half of the year. The company expects the contract to be available in the second half of the year.


head of Entoss Research Institute, said, "We will participate in the Paraguay Expo in September and introduce CCTV solutions. This year's sales are 50 billion won, which will be achievable given the performance of the first half of the year." Ahn said, "We have received orders for CCTV solutions from customers in some Asian countries," adding, "We will identify the systems needed by each country, reflect customer needs, and focus on exports."