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The '2018 Security Awards Korea' ceremony was held successfully

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The "2018 Security Awards Korea" ceremony was held successfully



[Special Economy = Reporter Sun Do-hye] As we enter the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the importance of the security industry, which has established itself as a basic infrastructure for all sectors of society, is growing. In particular, in everyday life surrounded by the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) devices, "security" is now closely related to life safety, and security technology is also rapidly evolving.


In 2018, the first event in Korea to award people and companies that contributed to the development of security technology and industry and the creation of a security culture was held, drawing keen attention.


Hosted by the Security Award Korea Committee (Chairman Choi Jeong-sik) consisting of experts from industry, academia, and research in the field of physical and information security, and organized by Security News and Security World, the "2018 Security Award Korea" award ceremony was held successfully at the international conference hall on the 20th floor of the Korea Press Center on the 18th.


The "2018 Security Awards Korea" was established for the first time this year to contribute to raising the level of security across our society by selecting and awarding meritorious people, technologies, products, and solutions that have contributed to the development of the security industry based on outstanding management and excellent product competitiveness throughout the year.


The "2018 Security Awards Korea" award ceremony was divided into merit awards given to those who contributed to the development of the security industry, public sectors for the government, local governments, institutions, and public corporations, security and general companies, and security solutions, with a total of 44 awards after recommendations from all walks of life and strict screening by the Security Awards Korea Committee.


First of all, in the case of the "Industrial Development Achievement Award", in recognition of his/her contribution to promoting security-related bills and actively supporting the development of the security industry Roh Woong-rae, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea (chairman of the National Assembly's Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communication Committee) Lee Jong-geol, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea (member of the National Assembly's Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communication Committee) Chung Woo-taek, a member of the Liberty Korea Party (member of the National Assembly's Trade, Industry and Energy Small and Medium Venture Business Committee) Kim Kyu-hwan, a member of the Liberty Korea Party (member of the National Assembly's Trade, Industry and Energy Small and Medium Venture Business Committee) Song Hee-kyung, a member of the National Assembly's Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communication Committee, Chairman Lee Min-soo (Korea Information Protection Industry Association) was honored.


In addition, in the case of the "Public Sector Grand Prize", the winners were selected by summing up evaluation factors such as corporate support, technical support, industrial development, market development, performance creation, and civil complaint resolution. As a result, Seoul Metropolitan Government Daejeon Metropolitan City won the award, while Incheon International Airport Corporation Busan Port Security Corporation was selected as the winner of the "2018 Security Awards Korea" in recognition of its contribution to creating security demand and creating a security culture in the public sector.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government, which won the award among local governments, said, "The Seoul Metropolitan Government is pushing to strengthen cybersecurity by establishing a comprehensive plan for cybersecurity this year, separating business networks and Internet networks, and promoting the introduction of artificial intelligence-based security controls. This award means that the Seoul Metropolitan Government should continue to lead security, and we will make more efforts to develop the security sector."


Incheon International Airport Corporation, which won the award in the public enterprise category, said, "In the future, Incheon International Airport Corporation will do its best to faithfully perform the role of public institutions by actively introducing the latest security solutions and excellent domestic products so that the domestic security industry can further develop."


In the security company sector for companies, Hanwha Techwin won the Brand Grand Prize, S1 won the Industry Leading Grand Prize, and ADT Caps won the Corporate Innovation Grand Prize, respectively.


Kim Yeon-chul, CEO of Hanwha Techwin, who won the Brand Grand Prize, said, "It is very meaningful to win the Brand Grand Prize at the 2018 Security Awards Korea organized by Security World, which is highly influential in the security industry. As a result of our great efforts to lead the market and lead in a developmental direction as the No. 1 company in the domestic video security industry, we will continue to strive for the growth and virtuous cycle of the domestic video security industry."


In the case of general companies subject to companies, KB Kookmin Bank (banking division), AmorePacific (cosmetics division), Lotte Information and Communication (SI division), Timon (social commerce division) Nexon (game division) were selected as winners in each category.


Lastly, in the solution target category, IDIS (Integrated Video Security Solution) HIKVISION KOREA Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. Daemyeong Corporation Webgate (DVR) OneUENG (Zoom Camera) TruN (IP Camera) entoss Information Communication (Sensor Camera) Western Digital (Storage) Kudo Communication (Intelligent Control) Inodepp (Data Management) Incon (Intelligent Fire Surveillance) Korea Haniwell (Smart Building) COMAX (Home Network) Suprema Tech Sphere (Vine Recognition) Sehwan MS (Security Gate) Egloo Security (EDR) Igloo Security (Security Control) Intelligence (Network Access Control) Wiz Korea (Personal Information Access History Management) Secure Guard Technology (Password Management) Korea 3M (Visual Hacking) Monitor Lab (Web Fire Protection Wall) 24 companies have been selected as the "Solution Target" of this year as they stood out in each sector.


The "2018 Security Awards Korea" is said to have contributed to discovering new growth engines by motivating the development of the security industry and the development of advanced security technologies, selecting and awarding companies that have created new values in the development of security technologies and products, and presenting a guide for selecting security solutions suitable for users.


In this regard, Choi Jung-sik, chairman of the Security Awards Korea Committee, said, "The security sector has recently moved beyond the boundaries between industries to combine with other areas. Security Awards Korea will introduce successful cases of convergence security by discovering and awarding security technologies, products and solutions applied to each industry, and play a role as a new platform to discover companies, technologies, and businesses that are valuable to the domestic security industry."