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Entoss Launches AirView of Environmental Sensor Camera

관리자 2023-12-12 Number of views 226

Entoss Information and Communications Launches AirView of Environmental Sensor Camera

It has launched an environmental sensor camera Air View, a real-time environmental storage and screen display system that solves security and fine dust at once.


[Industry News Reporter Kim Dong-won] Environmental Sensor Camera Air View of Entos Information Communication (CEO Cho Tae-ya) can check the concentration of fine dust in real time through LED electronic boards and LED bars.


It is a special-purpose camera equipped with an environmental sensor and an LED electronic board inside a 2 megapixel high-resolution speed dome camera with 22 times, 30 times, and 36 times optical zoom. It is operated by an existing CCTV camera, and the environmental information that cannot be seen around it is displayed on the front electronic board with fine dust concentration display and icons. In addition, the LED bar emotional lighting attached to the inside of the device indicates the air quality condition with good (blue), normal (green), bad (yellow), and very bad (red), so you can intuitively know the information. The environmental information provided by Airview includes not only the concentration of fine dust and ultrafine dust, but also various information such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide